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greenlion is dedicated to providing all-organic, ecologically responsible garden services for our customers. Our primary focus is in helping our customers create & maintain safe, healthy and harmonious gardens. We pull weeds by hand and never use harmful chemical herbicides.

We remove old growth and spent flower heads for maximum growth potential and overall health of plants. Major pruning is done during plants' dormancy periods or immediately after first flush of flowers begins to fade.

We rake fallen leaves from under plants. No gas-powered blowers will be used to avoid generating air & noise pollution.  We sweep patios, walkways & sidewalks with brooms.


greenlion can design/install and maintain (optional harvest available) to provide you with fresh organic vegetables all summer long, right from your own yard! Custom plant designs available and theme gardens, salsa, italian, etc.  Cut-flower row can be included.


We use a mixture of water, fish emulsion (as a foliar feed) and organic peppermint soap to make our organic insecticide/foliar feed. Although it kills pests, it is not harmful to you, your pets, or your gardener. We do not use harmful pesticides ever.

Kerri Quinn Jaffe

Little Compton, RI 02837

Dear Kim,

    I wanted to thank you for the incredible job that you did on our landscaping at our home in Little Compton.

    Prior to finding you, we had searched far and wide for a landscape designer who actually listened to us. We spoke to many companies, large and small, and you stood out as a creative talent and expert listener who was interested in taking our vision, adding your expertise and delivering us a professional product that met our vision and looked natural in the environment and beautiful! I also truly appreciated your willingness to work within our budgetary limitations, and doing so with integrity and creativity.

    We look forward to having you back at our home in the Spring! We are grateful we found you and would definitely serve as a reference for future clients.

All the best,

Kerri Jaffe


2 visits for a minimum total of 4 hours a month.

(*Hours will be billed at $35 per woman/man-hour as needed upon your approval/request.)

As Needed Plant care & Pruning | Service Rates

$35 per woman/man-hour as needed upon your approval/request.

greenlion is featured in the Rhode Island Gardener’s Companion

PO Box 176 ~ Tiverton,

Rhode Island ~ 02878



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